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Basic photography course

✓ Duration: 30 days (1 hour per day) ✓ Course content:

1) History: It’s important to know how difficult it was to take a photograph in the past so we can use latest technology to its best.

2) Meaning of photography

3) Characteristics of a good photograph

4) Characteristics of a good photographer

5) Cameras explained: TLR, SLR, Compact cameras

6) Camera controls: Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO

7) Exposure: explained in detail, how to get correct exposure.

8) Metering: Different types of metering

9) Focusing

10) Depth of field.

11) Understanding light: light sources, light properties.

12) Understanding composition: How to compose a picture. Rules of composition.

13) Understanding pixels, resolution, sensor size, file types.

14) Lenses: Types of lenses explained in detail.