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Elementary Photo Retouching Course

✓ Duration: 30 days

Photography industry is evolving round the clock. Digital cameras are getting improved and it has become a necessity to know how to process photographs properly. Even if you are a beginner in professional photography or a hobbyist photographer, this course will definitely boost your confidence.

The module of this course is designed with the knowledge of our previous teaching experiences
as well as keeping in mind the current industry standards in different genres of photography. The course is constructed with help of other experts who are already working in image processing industry. To help beginners who are just stepped in the ever growing photography world.


  • Importance of Adobe Photoshop
  • Industries involved and affected by Photoshop
  • Get familiar with the Photoshop user interface
  • Project based learning associated with important tools and options
  • In depth Raw processing.
  • Understanding Colours in Photoshop.
  • Restore old photographs damaged with age.
  • Introduction to non-destructive editing process.
  • Understanding different file formats.
  • How to make images for print.