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The First Female Portrait

John Draper 1839-40 The sitter, photographer sister, reputedly powdered her face with flour in an attempt to lighten her skin tone. Aside from portraits the Photographer Draper also created the first detailed photograph of the moon.

Boulevard du Temple, Paris. The image for Daguerre had got 6000 francs in 1838 (currently value approx 5 lakh INR)

  This is a modern copy, made by the historian Beaumont Newhall, of one of the earliest Daguerre types. it would have been on of the earliest surviving Daguerre types but for the incompetent attention of a museum restorer, who try to clean the original but destroyed it. It is the 1st known image featuring people, but it is also a marvellous image by any standard. its sweeping lines, contrast of scale, any rhythmic forms demonstrate Daguerre artistic background. Unfortunately, […]