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Advance studio lighting course

✓ Duration: 60 days (up to 1.30 hours per day) ✓ Course content:

1) Studio lights explained

2) Steps to follow for a correct setup

3) Understanding light: Light sources, Light properties.


1) Smooth texture

2) Rough Texture

3) Form and shape

4) Metal ware

5) Glassware

6) Flowers or Fruits

7) Portrait: Different types of portrait lighting.

8) How to do entire setup (subject, background, properties and theme)

9) Basic image editing.

What’s new :

1) Basic Fundamentals: Understanding basics of light is very important. Very few courses would offer to teach basics in detail. We understand the importance and prioritize to teach the basics.

2) Equipment Guidance: Guidance on buying equipment and how to take care of your kit.

3) Post course completion reviews: We are happy to review and discuss on your photographs even after course is complete.